Updated August 1, 2020:  

For our services at Oglethorpe Ave church of Christ, the men ask members and visitors to please observe the following measures:

  • When possible, stay six feet apart from others

  • Alternating benches will be closed off

  • Families should sit together on the same bench

  • All are encouraged to wear face coverings

  • The front benches are to be used by those who have difficulty wearing face coverings

  • Classrooms in the back are available for any who are uncomfortable with sitting in the auditorium

  • Radio broadcast is available for any who wish to remain in their cars (90.7 FM)

  • Please move outside of the building in order to visit with one another 

Welcome to the website of the Oglethorpe Avenue church of Christ. We are pleased that you are here, and we hope you find the things we have here helpful in guiding you into all truth … truth that will enable you to know Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind.

The church of Christ that meets in Athens, Georgia is a group of Christians whose only purpose is to bring glory to God by doing His will to the best of our ability. We attempt to accomplish this by following the pattern of New Testament churches in all areas including organization, worship practices, and strict adherence to the authority of Jesus Christ as recorded in His HOLY word.

Like the local churches of New Testament times, the church is completely autonomous. We have no official, earthly organizational ties with any other congregations or world-wide church coalition. We seek scriptural authority for everything we do as a local congregation of the Lord’s church.

Feel free to look around the site, browse through the articles, listen to sermons...

To contact us, you will find all the necessary info on our contact page.


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     7:30 PM Bible Classes

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