Oglethorpe Ave Church of Christ

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Study Material
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1 Chronological Study of Life of Jesus
2 Fall Adult Bible Study
3 Life of Christ
4 Philippians Class Questions
Study Questions for the Book of Philippians to be used on Wednesday nights during October, November and December 2011.
5 Temptation and Trials
6 Timothy and Titus Class Book
7 Radical Restoration
8 Galatians Bible Class Material
9 Early Church Study
10 Show Thyself A Man 1
11 Show Thyself A Man 2
12 Show Thyself A Man 3
13 Show Thyself A Man 4
14 Church History
A study of Church History. Studied in Men's class on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
15 Epistles of Peter Study Guide
16 A Study of Isaiah
17 1 Corinthian Letter
18 Daily Reading Schedule
19 2 Corinthians Letter
20 People of the Bible
21 Places of Jesus
22 United Kingdom Study
Bible Study for the Adult class on Sunday Morning in October, November and December of 2011

Service Times


9:30 AM Bible Study

10:30 AM Worship Service


7:30 PM Bible Study

Bible Verse of the Day