The truth is Jesus was not born in the cold winter months.  Shepherds were in the fields with their sheep on the night Jesus was born. (Luke 2:7-11)  There is agreement among scholars that December 25 is not the birthday, not even the month that Jesus was born.  The wise men did not visit the manger.  Matthew 2:11 tells us plainly “And when they were come into the house, they say the young child…” We don’t know exactly how old Jesus was when the wise men saw him but we do know that it was not in the manger on the night of his birth.  Remember that Luke tells us of the trip to the temple for the presentation of the child after Mary’s days of purification were complete (Luke 2:21-27).  According to Leviticus 12, this would be 40 days after the birth of Jesus.  Factoring in the travel time for these wise men, their conversation with Herod, not to mention the fact that we are not told how many wise men, and it becomes clear that the pictures and stories that are presented in the world today do not match the truth the Bible tells us about the birth of Jesus.


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