Many churches are now streaming their worship services over the Internet.  This is a very beneficial thing to those who are unable to attend the assemblies due to illness, a sick family member, weather hindrances, etc.  Lots of folks have commented that this is a real blessing when they are unavoidably absent from the church services.  We agree that this is a good thing.

However, there are those who have warned – sometimes jokingly, other times seriously – that people might begin to purposely stay at home.  Instead of going to the trouble to get dressed, make the trek to the church building, sit on somewhat uncomfortable pews, maybe while wrestling unruly children – just stay home in your ‘comfy pants’ with a cup of coffee in hand and watch on your computer, phone, or smart TV.  Why not!?!

Here’s why not: Live streaming on the Internet does not offer the benefits of being with other worshipers.  There are no interactions, no warm greetings, no relationship building as we converse with one another.  There is no “teaching and admonishing one another” in the singing of songs (Col. 3:16) – for while you can sit at home and hear the singing, no one can hear and thus be taught and encouraged by you.  It’s not possible for you to participate in the mutual edification that worship is designed to accomplish (Heb. 10:24,25) unless you are present.

The earliest Christians knew the advantages of personally joining with other saints.  This started on ‘day one’ (Acts 2:41-47) and continued even in the face of terrible persecution (Acts 5:41-42).  They surely would not have opted for an easy, ‘stay at home’ option.  Neither should we.

Live streaming is a great thing, but let us be careful not to abuse the opportunity.  To deliberately forsake “the assembling of ourselves together” is wrong (Heb. 10:25) whether you watch via the Internet or not.  Think!

Greg Gwin

 Via Collegevue Beason


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