In a newspaper, I read an article that gave what I feel is a sad commentary on most of the world today. It was an article telling of three generations of women who were cheerleaders for their schools. The grandmother was quoted as talking about the length of skirts that are worn today. The daughters’ skirts were shorter than the grandmother’s and the granddaughter’s was even shorter she explained. The grandmother said, “it used to upset me some, but they’re all dressed alike and you are so proud of them that you don’t seem to notice that much.” She goes on to say, “You’ve just got to accept that things have changed since 1949.”

I realize that some things have changed since 1949, the number of automobiles owned, the pace of communication, etc. But wrong has not become right.

I wonder if the grandmother or mother would respond in the same manner if the teenager declared that she was attracted to the same sex. Would grandmother say, “it used to upset me some. But I am just so proud of her that I don’t notice anymore.” Or what if the teenager was found involved with drinking and drugs, would it upset the grandmother some or a lot? Would she still be proud of her granddaughter for the lifestyle chosen? What if the teenager decided to live as a wife with her boyfriend but not get married? Do you suppose she would still exclaim you just got to accept that things have changed? Christians, understand that fornication is still sin. Drunkenness is still sin. Homosexual lifestyle is still sin. Immodesty is still sin.


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