It may have been a recently released movie or a newly published book by a popular author or even a family trip during the warm summer months, whatever the occasion often after the event has taken place, the question is asked by an inquiring mind. “Did you enjoy it?” I am sure there have been multiple times during our lives that we have been asked that question. Perhaps we have been the person doing the asking. Most of the time that question is asked is because we want to know whether we want to try the same event. If we asked “Did you enjoy it?” about a movie then we may be persuaded to go see it ourselves. If we asked “Did you enjoy it?” about a book then we will likely go read it ourselves.

Suppose someone asked you, “Did you enjoy it?” concerning the Bible studies and lessons last week. One thing is certain if you didn’t attend them all then you cannot comment on the entire series. Your answer would have to be qualified based upon the ones you participated in. After stating your disclaimer, how would you answer?Would it be: “it was ok” or “It was awesome”. Perhaps you were able to make all the classes and listen to all the lessons, how would you answer? Would the examiner be persuaded to engage in the same activity or be turned away and think very little about participating in future Bible classes and lessons? The point is to consider what you say about last week’s activities. What you say and how you react to questions and inquiries about the series can either encourage or hinder future actions of others.

Jeff Henderson



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